CKYC Matching

The CKYC Matching Hyperstream will perform the following functions:

  • CKYC search using the initial_input. If the user is not found in CKYC Search, the flow ends and the same is informed to the customer in the response message.
  • If the user is found from the CKYC Search, use the ckycId received from the CKYC Search API and hit CKYC Download API with perform_ocr parameter set to true
  • If download data not found, then the flow ends. If the CKYC Download data is found, the following documents to be checked to perform OCR:
    • PAN
    • Aadhaar
  • If none of the above documents are found, then next priority documents to be checked to perform OCR:
    • Passport
    • Driving License
    • Voter ID
  • Mandatorily two documents to undergo through OCR. If only one document is present, only one OCR to be done. If more than two documents are present, only two OCRs to be done based on the priority.
  • Once the OCR is done, the matching logic to be performed based on the checks at Decentro level
  • After performing all matching and logic, response to be shown to the customer along with mandatory and informatory parameters
  • Send the collective response back to the user. Flow ends.

Since this Hyperstream utilises the Matching Module, the input requires a mandatory object called matching_input. Using the matching_input you can match the following fields with the input provided by the user:

  • full_name: string, optional
  • father_name: string, optional
  • dob: string, optional
  • permanent_address: string, optional
  • communication_address: string, optional
  • pincode: string, optional
  • gender: string, optional
  • mobile_last_four_digits: string, optional

Sample Contracts

    "reference_id": "DECXXXXXXXX",
    "hyperstream_id": XXXX,
    "callback_url": "",
    "initial_input": {
        "id_number": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
        "auth_factor_type": 1,
        "auth_factor": "1998-12-04"
    "progress_report": false,
    "checkpoint_results": false,
    "consent": true,
    "consent_purpose": "Documents to create a savings account"
  "decentro_txn_id": "XXXXXXX",
  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "http_status_code": 200,
  "response_key": "success_hyperstream",
  "message": "Successfully completed hyperStream",
  "data": {
      "id_type": "CKYC",
      "identity_number": "XXXXXXXXXXX",
      "personal_details": {
        "constituiton_type": "Individual",
        "account_type": "Normal",
        "ckyc_no": "XXXXX",
        "prefix": "XX",
        "first_name": "XXXXX",
        "last_name": "XXXXX",
        "full_name": "XXXXX",
        "father_prefix": "XXXXX",
        "father_fname": "XXXXX",
        "father_lname": "XXXXX",
        "father_fullname": "XXXXX",
        "mother_prefix": "XXX",
        "mother_fname": "XXXXX",
        "mother_lname": "XXXXX",
        "mother_fullname": "XXXXX",
        "gender": "MALE",
        "dob": "DD-MM-YYYY",
        "pan": "XXXXX",
        "perm_line1": "XXXXX",
        "perm_city": "XXXXX",
        "perm_dist": "XXXXX",
        "perm_state": "XX",
        "perm_country": "IN",
        "perm_pin": "XXXXX",
        "perm_poa": "XXXXX",
        "perm_corres_sameflag": "N",
        "corres_line1": "XXXXX",
        "corres_city": "XXXXX",
        "corres_dist": "XXXXX",
        "corres_state": "XX",
        "corres_country": "IN",
        "corres_pin": "XXXXX",
        "resi_tel_num": "XXXXX",
        "off_tel_num": "XXXXX",
        "mob_code": "XX",
        "mob_num": "XXXXX",
        "email": "XXXXX",
        "dec_date": "DD-MM-YYYY",
        "dec_place": "XXXXX",
        "kyc_date": "********",
        "doc_sub": "Certified Copies",
        "kyc_name": "********",
        "kyc_designation": "********",
        "kyc_branch": "********",
        "kyc_empcode": "********",
        "num_identity": "2",
        "num_related": "0",
        "num_images": "4",
        "permanent_address": "XXXXX",
        "corresponding_address": "XXXXX"
      "identity_details": {
        "Voter ID": {
          "identity_code": "Voter ID",
          "identity_number": "XXXXX",
          "identity_verification_status": "NO"
        "AADHAAR": {
          "identity_code": "Proof of Possession of Aadhaar",
          "identity_number": "XXXXXXXX1234",
          "identity_verification_status": "YES"
      "image_details": {
        "Photograph": {
          "image_code": "Photograph",
          "image_data": "<base64_data>",
          "global_flag": "GLOBAL",
          "branch_code": "SSLHO",
          "image_type": "JPEG"
        "PAN": {
          "image_code": "PAN",
          "image_data": "<base64_data>",
          "global_flag": "GLOBAL",
          "branch_code": "SSLHO",
          "image_type": "PDF",
          "document_classified": true
        "Signature": {
          "image_code": "Signature",
          "image_data": "<base64_data>",
          "global_flag": "GLOBAL",
          "branch_code": "SSLHO",
          "image_type": "JPG"
        "VOTER_ID": {
          "image_code": "Voters Identity Card",
          "image_data": "<base64_data>",
          "global_flag": "",
          "branch_code": "CPUR001BR",
          "image_type": "JPG",
          "document_classified": false