Overview and Guide

Empowering Seamless Financial Innovation with Hyperstreams

Hyperstreams are a powerful new offering of the Decentro stack that empowers developers to build custom financial products and services with unparalleled ease. Hyperstreams, designed with the utmost attention to detail, provide a seamless integration of APIs and SDKs, enabling you to create exceptional user experiences and drive financial innovation.

πŸš€ Getting Started

  • Start by selecting a Hyperstream from Decentro’s pre-configured Hyperstreams library. Once you have selected a hyperstream, all you need to do is hit the hyperstream-executor API.
  • Depending on the hyperstream, you users will enter the minimum set of parameters, such as only the name and phone number.
  • Even the most complex hyperstreams take only about 5-6 seconds to process, but the control is completely in your hands. All Hyperstreams are asynchronous by default so you can continue with the user flow.
  • Hyperstreams report progress and checkpoint results, so you will have full visibility of what is exactly going on.

🌟 Why use Hyperstreams?

  • Automation: Hyperstreams automate intricate processes, reducing the need for manual intervention and minimizing the risk of errors.
  • Scalability: Hyperstreams can easily scale up or down based on business requirements, ensuring optimal performance in changing demand scenarios.
  • Increased Focus: With Hyperstreams handling complex processes, developers can shift their focus to delivering superior customer experiences.
  • Faster Go-to-Market: Hyperstreams significantly reduce development time, enabling faster product launches and a competitive advantage.
  • Decreased Drop-offs: Hyperstreams require minimal customer intervention, resulting in smoother user experiences and reduced drop-off rates.
  • Customization: Hyperstreams offer input parameter customization and matching threshold settings, allowing tailored experiences to meet specific requirements.
  • Graceful Error Handling: Hyperstreams handle errors and exceptions gracefully, minimizing the risk of downtime and ensuring seamless operations.
  • Developer Resources: Hyperstreams provide comprehensive API documentation, code samples, and support to facilitate seamless integration.