Text Match

Text Match API can be used to match two texts which can be passed by the customer in the below fields -

  • text1 - The text you want to be matched with
  • text2 - The text you want to match with text1

You can also set the threshold value for this match -

  • By default the value is 70, which means if there is a match of 70% between text1 and text2, the match will be true otherwise false.
  • You can set your own threshold value from 0-100 and based on that you can see your match results.

Sample Request & Response

    "reference_id": "ABCDEF12345",
    "text1": "Manish",
    "text2": "Max",
    "threshold": 40
    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "responseCode": "S00000",
    "message": "Successfully performed text matching",
    "data": {
        "matchScore": 67,
        "matchStatus": true
    "responseKey": "success_text_match_completed"