Create payment link

Response keyScenario
error_provider_errorAn unexpected response was obtained from the provider service.
error_empty_module_secretAn empty module secret was passed.
error_no_subscription_foundThe company has not subscribed to this module.
error_unauthorized_moduleAuthentication failed for this module.
error_module_access_expiredThe module subscription has expired.
error_module_credits_exhaustedModule credits are exhausted for the company.
error_decentro_errorSomething wrong happened at the Decentro level.
unauthorized_providerThe Provider is not authorized for the company.
success_payment_link_createdThe payment link was created successfully.
error_invalid_reference_idThe reference id passed is not of type string.
error_duplicate_reference_idA duplicate request reference id is passed.
error_invalid_account_numberThe account passed does not match the underlying provider.
error_malformed_requestA malformed JSON request was passed.
error_amount_not_parsableThe amount is not a valid positive value.
error_exceeded_decimal_in_amountMore than 2 decimals were passed in amount.
error_amount_type_invalidAmount type other than a positive integer is passed.
error_unsanitized_valuesInvalid characters such as. @ # $ % ^ & * ! ; : ' " ~ ` ? = + ) ( were passed.
error_invalid_purpose_message_lengthLong purpose length was passed.
error_invalid_purpose_messageThe purpose message passed is not in string format.
error_invalid_generate_QR_valueGenerate QR value is passed other than 0 or 1.
error_expiry_is_not_positiveExpiry time passed is less than 0.
error_expiry_exceeded_max_expiry_daysExpiry time passed is more than 45 days.
error_invalid_expiry_valueExpiry time passed is not of the type positive integer.
error_invalid_generate_uri_valueGenerate uri value is passed other than 0 or 1.
error_empty_payee_accountAn empty payee account was passed.
error_invalid_reference_idThe request reference id passed is not a string.
error_empty_reference_idAn empty reference_id was passed.
error_empty_amountAn empty amount was passed.
error_empty_purpose_messageAn empty purpose message was passed.
error_invalid_custom_QR_valueCustom QR value is passed other than 0 or 1.
error_QR_not_generatedAn error occurred while creating a dynamic QR.
error_empty_generate_QRAn empty generate QR was passed.