Hyperstreams Response Keys

This page gives an overview of all the response keys passed by Decentro under the Hyperstreams module.

Hyperstreams - Generic Response Keys

The below mentioned response keys pertain to all the APIs under the Hyperstreams module.

Response KeyScenario
error_decentro_errorSomething wrong happened at Decentro level
error_missing_configurationPlan not configured for the company
error_empty_module_secretEmpty module secret was passed
error_no_subscription_foundCompany not subscribed to this module
error_unauthorized_moduleAuthentication failed for this module
error_module_access_expiredModule subscription has expired
error_module_credits_exhaustedModule credits exhausted for the company
error_malformed_requestMalformed JSON request was passed
error_duplicate_reference_idDuplicate reference id was passed in the request
error_ip_not_configuredIP not configured to access API
error_insufficient_account_balanceInsufficient account balance to access API
error_invalid_endpointInvalid API endpoint was passed
error_empty_reference_idEmpty reference_id was passed
error_invalid_consent_typeInvalid consent type was passed
error_invalid_purposeInvalid consent purpose was passed
error_empty_purposeEmpty purpose was passed
error_consent_falseFalse consent was passed
error_short_purpose_lengthShort purpose length was passed
error_long_purpose_lengthLong purpose length was passed
error_provider_errorProvider responded with a failure
error_unexpected_responseUnexpected response received from the provider
error_invalid_reference_idInvalid reference_id was passed

Hyperstreams are made using a combination of several modules. Hence, the checkpoint_results will contain response keys already detailed in KYC & Onboarding, Financial Services, Payments, Business Accounts and other modules.