Decentro Release Notes | Version BK 26.1

  • Introduced Get Ledger Account Balance API.
  • Update endpoints for following CKYC upload APIs:
    • Individual upload from /ckyc/bulk/upload to /ckyc/bulk/individuals/upload
    • Individuals upload status from /ckyc/bulk/:decentro_company_urn to /ckyc/bulk/individuals/:decentro_company_urn
    • Individual upload status from /ckyc/bulk/decentro_company_urn/individual/:identifier to /ckyc/bulk/individuals/:decentro_company_urn/individual/:identifier
  • Made AADHAAR and PAN mandatory for Individuals CKYC upload.
  • Added following APIs in KYC module:
    • Legal entity upload API
    • Legal entities upload status API
    • Legal entity upload status API