Fabric Release Notes | Version 2.1.0

Bug fixes and improvements were the major focus areas of the Version 2.1.0 release. On the KYC & Onboarding stack, improvement in the CKYC Upload stack was the primary goal, with several internal optimizations made to other APIs as well.

KYC & Onboarding:

  1. CKYC Upload Logic Improvement: 50% of all errors in the CKYC Upload pipeline across merchants were caused due to existing users being pushed to the creation pipeline. To combat this, the CKYC Upload API now does multiple fallback checks using all ID parameters that the merchant pushes. This has almost nullified errors of existing users being pushed to the creation pipeline.
  2. CKYC Upload Addition to IDs Enumeration: To further combat the errors where users already existing in the registry are being pushed into the creation pipeline, customers can now also push the 14-digit CKYC number in the IDs array of the CKYC Upload payload and the record directly goes to the edition pipeline.
  3. Read more about our upgraded CKYC Upload Solution here.


  1. Mobile to VPA (Basic) and Mobile to VPA (Advanced) APIs now return TPAP names in both single and multiple VPA fetches.
  2. Mobile to Name, Mobile VPA (Basic), and Mobile to VPA (Advanced) APIs now do a salutation removal check, including Indian honorifics, so that all downstream APIs such as PAN Validation and Credit Report fetch have better success rates.
  3. Read more about our upgraded Mobile to VPA Suite here.


  1. In our ongoing initiative to improve developer experience, we are doubling down on Fabric's "Developer Hub" for faster integration and near-instant "time-to-first-hit".
  2. Continuing on this effort, we have made sample quick start apps for UIStreams in the 10 most popular backend frameworks, namely Express.js (Node.js), Django (Python), Spring Boot (Java), Gin (Go), Ruby on Rails (Ruby), .Net (C#), Laravel (PHP), Flask (Python), Symfony (PHP), FastAPI (Python). Read more about our UIStreams developer tutorials here.
  3. We have also open-sourced sample React Native and Flutter apps that consume UIStreams via the React Native SDK and Flutter SDK. Find the source of these sample apps and more cool projects on Decentro's GitHub page here.