Fabric Release Notes | Version 3.0.0

On the KYC & Onboarding stack, improvements were made to the GSTIN and Passive Liveness offerings. An addition to the Employment Email Verification was also made. On the Bytes stack, customers now can choose a custom provider ordering basis parameters such as hit rates and costs.

KYC & Onboarding:

  • GSTIN Optimizations: The GSTIN and GSTIN_DETAILED APIs are now optimized for higher hit rates. Read more about our verification services here.
  • Passive Liveness Optimizations: Additional validations are in place to reduce false negatives and false positives. Read more about these changes here.
  • Employment Email Verification via OTP: Emails can now be verified via both the non-OTP-based flow and the OTP-based flow for higher confidence in account ownership. Read more about these APIs here.


  • Custom Provider Ordering: Customers can now get fine-tuned provider ordering in the Mobile to VPA Suite based on hit-rate and cost trade-offs that they are comfortable with. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] to learn more about this configuration.


  • Infrastructure Control Tower: To further build on the robustness of the Fabric stack and optimize for an even larger scale, a system is now put in place that would significantly reduce the rare occurrences of major downtimes.