Employment Verification

EPFO Employment Data

The Employment Verification API suite empowers you to seamlessly verify employment information and validate email addresses, streamlining your verification processes.

API Endpoints in Employment Verification

  1. EPFO Employment Data API
    • Retrieves employment history from the EPFO database.
    • URL: https://in.decentro.tech/v2/kyc/epfo/verification


  • Client ID: Your unique client identifier.
  • Client Secret: Your confidential client secret key.
  • Module Secret: The secret key for the specific module.
  • Authentication Method: Basic Authentication

Making Requests

  • HTTP Method: POST
  • Content-Type: application/json

Request Body Structure

    "reference_id": "YOUR_REFERENCE_ID",  // Unique reference ID for the request
    "consent": true,                      // Indicates user consent
    "mobile": "USER_MOBILE_NUMBER",       // User's mobile number
    "uan": "USER_UAN_NUMBER"              // User's Universal Account Number (UAN)

Response Body Structure

    "decentroTxnId": "TRANSACTION_ID",
    "status": "SUCCESS",                      
    "responseCode": "RESPONSE_CODE",
    "message": "RESPONSE_MESSAGE",
    "data": {
        "uanList": [
        "employmentData": [
                "name": "EMPLOYEE_NAME",
                "guardianName": "GUARDIAN_NAME",
                "establishmentName": "EMPLOYER_NAME",
                "memberId": "MEMBER_ID",
                "dateOfJoining": "DATE_OF_JOINING"
    "responseKey": "success_employment_history"

Error Handling

  • The API returns appropriate error codes and messages in case of failures.
  • Consult the official documentation for detailed error handling information.

Additional Information

  • For comprehensive usage guidelines and error codes, refer to the official API documentation.
  • Ensure you have obtained the necessary credentials and permissions to access these APIs.

Important Note

  • Specific details for the Email Verification API(s) are currently unavailable. Please refer to the relevant documentation for their endpoints, request/response structures, and usage guidelines.

Quick References

Request Body

reference_idUnique identifier for your requestString"your_unique_reference_id"
consentUser's consent to access EPFO dataBooleantrue
mobileUser's mobile number linked to UANString"9999999999"
uanUser's Universal Account Number (UAN)String"1234567890123456"

Response Body

decentroTxnIdUnique transaction ID assigned by DecentroString"29C3CE3E0F854B4C831XXXXE0B9673"
statusOverall status of the requestString"SUCCESS"
responseCodeDecentro-specific response codeString"S00000"
messageDescriptive message about the request outcomeString"Employment history fetched successfully."
dataObject containing detailed employment informationObjectSee below
responseKeyKey identifying the type of response dataString"success_employment_history"

data Sub-object

uanListList of retrieved UAN numbersArray of Strings["1234567890123456"]
employmentDataArray of objects containing employment detailsArray of ObjectsSee below

employmentData Sub-object

nameEmployee's full nameString"John Doe"
guardianNameEmployee's guardian's nameString"Jane Doe"
establishmentNameEmployer's nameString"Decentro Technologies Pvt Ltd"
memberIdEmployee's member ID in EPFO systemString"ABC123456"
dateOfJoiningDate of joining the employmentString"2023-01-01"

EPFO API Example


  "reference_id": "my-unique-reference",
  "consent": true,
  "mobile": "9876543210",
  "uan": "1234567890123456"


  "decentroTxnId": "29C3CE3E0F854B4C831XXXXE0B9673",
  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "responseCode": "S00000",
  "message": "Employment history fetched successfully.",
  "data": {
    "uanList": ["1234567890123456"],
    "employmentData": [
        "name": "John Doe",
        "guardianName": "Jane Doe",
        "establishmentName": "Decentro Technologies Pvt Ltd",
        "memberId": "ABC123456",
        "dateOfJoining": "2023-01-01"
  "responseKey": "success_employment_history"

These tables provide a detailed breakdown of the request and response body structure for the Employment Verification API, making it easier to understand the expected data format and interactions.