Fabric Release Notes | Version 3.0.1

On the KYC & Onboarding stack, major features such as Real-Time Udyam Registration have been released, along with several improvements to the PAN Detailed Validation, Udyog Aadhaar, CIN, and DIN Validation offerings.

KYC & Onboarding:

  • Udyam Suite of APIs: The Udyam Suite of APIs now has 2 major additions:
    • Udyam Registration APIs: Generate Udyam Numbers in real-time.
    • Udyam Search API: Use inputs such as enterprise name, mobile, email, pincode, and state to search for the most likely Udyam Number.
      Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about our Udyam offerings.
  • Improvements in the Validate APIs: The following improvements were made to the Validate APIs segregated by Document Types:
    • PAN_DETAILED: The addition of middleName, fatherName, and maskedAadhaarNumber keys were made to the response body. Read more about these changes here.
    • UDYOG_AADHAAR: The addition of a masked mobileNumber, masked emailAddress and unmasked address object was made to the response body. Read more about these changes here.
    • CIN and DIN: Several new keys were added to the CIN and DIN Document Type responses to make them richer and more useful for KYB purposes. Read more about these changes here.
  • Improvements in UIStreams: For DigiLocker-based UIStreams, developers can now use the optional force_aadhaar and force_mobile keys to skip the decision made by the UIStream orchestrator and force the end-user via a specific flow. Read more about these changes here.
  • Passive Liveness Optimizations: Metadata validations can now be turned off during integration using an optional skip_metadata_validation key for a better developer experience. Read more about these changes here.