Fetch statement for the linked account.

Below are the values expected under the responseKey parameter and the scenarios under which Decentro will propagate the same to the platform.

responseKey ValueScenario
error_invalid_account_detailsThe details passed for the account are not valid or linked through Decentro
success_statement_fetchedThe said account's statement has been fetched successfully
error_approval_pendingThe said account is not yet linked due to an approval request pending
error_unsanitized_valuesThe said request contains values which are not supported
error_provider_errorError from the provider if nothing specific is mentioned
error_unauthorized_moduleThe said module is not available for the platform to access the APIs
error_unauthorized_featureThe said feature is not available for the platform for the provider or is not enabled
error_account_inactiveThe said account is unlinked through Decentro and hence statement fetch is not possible
error_account_not_foundThe said combination of mobile number and account number is not found
error_missing_configurationError due to pending configuration at Decentro's end. Please reach out to [email protected]
error_null_or_empty_valueThe said account is a joint account and the mobile number is not passed
error_internal_errorError due to something at Decentros' end
error_invalid_from_dateThe passed From Date is not valid, including being a future date or beyond the range supported
error_invalid_to_dateThe passed To Date is not valid, including being a future date or beyond the range supported
error_invalid_date_rangeThe passed date range is invalid, including from date being after date beyond the range supported
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