CKYC Prefill


Important Note

Please use only Staging Credentials on each API Reference page to test the APIs directly from our Documentation.

API Endpoints

The CKYC Prefill Hyperstream takes the minimum possible input from the user, i.e., the name (optional) and phone number. Following this, the Hyperstream fetches all the documents of the user present in the CKYC Registry.


This API works best in production environment.

Due to the nature of the underlying APIs such as Credit Bureau, this API works best in the production environment where there are considerably higher data points to work with.


The full_name parameter is optional

If the name is not provider, the CKYC_Prefill HyperStream automatically deduces the name of the given mobile number. This however an optional field. In any case where the HyperStream is not able to deduce the name of the mobile number, you can retry the HyperStream with the name.

The full_name parameter is made optional to ensure the maximum conversion rate.

The steps of the Hyperstream are mentioned below:

  1. If the optional full_name is not provided in the HyperStream request body, the HyperStream deduces the name and pushes it to the next step, i.e. the customer data pull module.
  2. Using the mobile_number and full_name of the user, Decentro uses the customer data pull API to extract an ID number and the DOB required for the authentication factor in future steps.
  3. Using the ID number, Decentro uses the CKYC search API to fetch the 14-digit CKYC Number
  4. Using the CKYC Number retrieved from step 2, and the DOB and other authentication factors retrieved from step 2, Decentro fetches the customer's records in the CKYC Registry.
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