Terminal Transaction Status Callback/Webhook

This callback is used by Decentro to trigger the status of a transaction to pre-configured endpoint of the platform.


This API allows the platform to proactively receive the status of a transaction without having to check the status from their end, thus reducing the computational burden and making it more efficient to propagate the status to the payer.

This callback allows a platform to receive the status of a transaction undertaken through any of the flows below.

The platform can share the endpoint for triggering this callback before going live at [email protected].

Points to Note

Key points to note.

  • This callback isn't triggered in case of a static QR code-based transaction or a push transaction.
  • This callback is triggered 3 times per transaction
  • This callback only propagates the transaction status
  • This callback is triggered when a transaction status moves to one of SUCCESS, FAILURE, EXPIRED.
  • If the client responds with a 200 HTTP code, we will consider the callback acknowledged. We will disregard any content in the body and solely depend on the HTTP status code.


Below is the flow for using the callback capability as part of Decentro

  1. The platform consumes this callback to get the latest status of an initiated transaction using the Decentro transaction ID received from Generate payment link API, Generate Dynamic QR, or Issue Collect Request or the reference_id passed by the platform in these APIs.
  2. In this callback, Decentro relays the transaction status via the transaction_status field and the transaction details. The default status will always be 'PENDING' unless the payer authorizes a payment.
  3. The platform can map the transaction type at its end using the collection_type parameter triggered as part of the callback payload.
  4. The platform acknowledges the callback by responding to it with 'CB_S00000' from its end. If any other value is passed, Decentro shall retrigger the callback.
  5. If the platform cannot acknowledge the callback or handle the same at its end, the transaction status can also be fetched using Get Transaction Status.
  6. If the platform wants to know the updated balance of the ledger account, the same can be received using the Account Balance Callback/Webhook.
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