Issue Refund

This API is under development. Details will be added once the APIs are signed off in staging/QA.


This API can be used by the platform to refund a transaction back to the source i,e the VPA from which payer undertook a transaction.

This can be processed for any transaction undertaken through the below modes.


Below is the flow for initiating the refunds through Decentro's stack.

  • The platform consumes this API to refund a successful transaction using the Decentro transaction ID received from Generate payment link API, Generate Dynamic QR, or Issue collect request by passing the value under originaldecentro txn_id parameter.
  • The platform can choose to refund the complete transaction or part of it by passing the requisite value under the amount parameter.
  • Decentro checks the platform's available balance and initiates the refund to the source VPA (payer VPA) if the transaction is found.
  • Decentro rejects the request for a refund if the transaction is not found at its end due to an invalid value passed in the originaldecentro txn_id parameter.

Please note that Decentro might not reverse the commission for the original transaction. This will depend on the commercial agreement that the platform will have with Decentro.

API Endpoints

Below are the API endpoints to be used by the platform basis the environments.

Response Keys

Below are the response keys propagated by Decentro in the response_key parameter, which cover all the scenarios a platform can encounter.

Please note that the below keys don't include transaction-related response keys since the status of the transaction is relayed only after the payer authorizes payment.

Response KeyMessage
success_refund_status_pendingTransaction refund request processed successfully
success_refund_status_failedTransaction refund request processed successfully
success_refund_status_successTransaction refund request processed successfully
error_invalid_reference_idReference URL is not of type string
error_duplicate_reference_idDuplicate Request Reference ID
error_malformed_requestMalformed request detected.
error_unsanitized_valuesUnsanitized values detected for key(s): purpose_message. Kindly sanitize the corresponding values by removing special characters such as . @ # $ % ^ & * ! ; : ' " ~ ` ? = + ) ( and retry.
error_invalid_purpose_message_lengthLength of Purpose Message cannot be greater than X
error_invalid_purpose_messagePurpose Message is not of type string. Hint : purpose_message (string)
error_missing_reference_idRequest reference id cannot be null or empty. Hint: reference_id (string)
error_missing_purpose_messagePurpose Message cannot be null or empty. Hint : purpose_message (string)
error_invalid_credentialsInvalid authentication credentials
error_missing_credentialsNo API key found in request
error_invalid_client_credentialsAuthentication failed. Please use valid Client ID and Client Secret.
error_empty_client_secretClient Secret cannot be empty. Hint: client_secret (string)
error_unauthorized_moduleAuthentication failed for accessing the module
error_empty_module_secretModule Secret cannot be empty. Hint: module_secret (string)
error_company/account_disabledUPI Credit transactions are disabled for the company/account.
error_no_transaction_foundNo such transaction found at our end. Please check the values and retry
error_no_transaction_identifier_foundAny one value should be present out of transaction_id, original_reference_id and bank_reference_number.Please check the documentation and provide values accordingly.
error_provider_errorUnexpected response received from underlying provider
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