Transaction Status

This callback is triggered by Decentro to a custom end-point of the platform for each incoming and outgoing transaction initiated through Decentro.

API Endpoints

Staging / Sandbox

Via this callback, it is possible to get realtime updates to the initiated transactions' statuses.

Salient points:

  • 3 times maximum retry, post which the explicit Get status call has to be made for obtaining the transaction status.
  • It is mandatory to adhere to the response structure as specified in the examples.
  • It is recommended that you whitelist Decentro's originating IP.
  • It is recommended that you share your auth of preference with us, which will then be propagated as part of the callback request.
  • Callbacks will be triggered only in case of conclusive statuses (failure or success) and not while the transaction is pending.
  • BeneficiaryName and bankReferenceNumber will be present only when Decentro's banking partners respond accordingly.
  • The keys in the request will be in snake/ camel case based on the company configuration (defaulting to camel case if nothing opted). Response, however, has to be in snake case always.
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