Initiate Session


Important Note

Please use only Staging Credentials on each API Reference page to test the APIs directly from our Documentation.

API Endpoints

This API is used to initiate a session with Digilocker. This API generates an Initial Decentro Transaction ID which will be used in the next DigiLocker flow APIs.

Refer here for DigiLocker Initiate Session Documentation


DigiLocker Sign Up / Sign In with Aadhaar

Yay! You can choose to redirect your customers to Aadhaar signup/login by passing an optional parameter redirect_to_signup in the request body as true. This will take the user to Aadhaar based Sign Up and Login to DigiLocker. By default, this parameter is false and it takes the user to Mobile Number based login screen, if not passed or false is passed.


DigiLocker UI Redirection

Click on the authorizationUrl link in the response to generate DigiLocker Code on DigiLocker UI.
The link is valid until it's clicked and redirected to DigiLocker. Once the DigiLocker code is generated on the DigiLocker UI, it is valid for 1 hour.


DigiLocker Response Keys

Here are the Response Keys and the scenarios under which Decentro will propagate the same to the platform - Response Keys

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