CKYC Download


Important Note

Please use only Staging Credentials on each API Reference page to test the APIs directly from our Documentation.

API Endpoints

Download the CKYC details of a person using his/her CKYC ID by retrieving it from the Search API and his/her 'Date of Birth' / 'Mobile number' / 'Pincode + year of birth' from the Central Know Your Customer (CKYC) database.

Refer here for CKYC Download Guide

Master List of Response Keys


Perform OCR

OCR can be performed directly on CKYC Documents by selecting the perform_ocr parameter and passing it as true.



Please refer to guide to know about the Auth Factor type (1, 2, 3).


CKYC Download Response Keys

Here are the Response Keys and the scenarios under which Decentro will propagate the same to the platform - Response Keys

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