ENACH Mandate Execution Callback

This callback is triggered by Decentro to the platform when a mandate presented is executed.


Decentro triggers this callback to the platform's pre-configured endpoint with the debit status against a registered mandate created using the Mandate Execution API.

The mandate details can be reconciled using this callback's 'unique_mandate_reference_number' parameter. Decentro passes the same parameter in the Mandate Registration Callback if a mandate is successfully registered.


Below is the flow for this callback.

  • The platform shares the endpoint that needs to be configured when onboarding with Decentro.
  • The platform registers a mandate successfully using the Mandate Registration API.
  • The platform informs the payer about an upcoming debit through a standard mode of communication.
  • The platform initiates the debit request using the Mandate Execution API.
  • Decentro propagates the same to its bank partner & NPCI
  • Decentro receives the status of the execution from its bank partner
  • Decentro triggers this callback to the platform's pre-configured endpoint.
  • Alternatively, the platform can use the Mandate Execution Status API to check the status.

API Endpoints

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