Pre Debit Notification

This API is used to initiate a pre-debit notification at least 24 hours before presenting the actual mandate.


This API triggers the pre-debit notification to the payer. It must be used at least 24 hours before the actual debit is initiated using the Execute Mandate API.

Note: NPCI places the validation of 24 hours as part of the operating guidelines for UPI Autopay.


Below is the flow for using this API.

  • The platform registers a UPI-based mandate using the Create Mandate API and receives the unique mandate ID from Decentro in the Get Mandate Status API or the Registration Callback.
  • The platform passes the same in the 'urn' field in the request payload on the endpoints.
  • Decentro initiates a pre-debit notification with its bank partner and responds if there's any error.
  • The payer receives a push notification from the UPI app and an SMS notification from Decentro's bank partner if there's no issue with the pre-debit notification request.

Points to Note

Decentro checks a few points before initiating the pre-debit request, most of which are fetched from the mandate registration details here.

  • The pre-debit request should be against an active mandate
  • The pre-debit request should be as per the set frequency
  • The pre-debit request should be as per the amount rule
  • The pre-debit request should be as per the set date rule

If the pre-debit notification fails, the debit request will also fail since that's a pre-requisite as per NPCI operating guidelines.

API Endpoints

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