Get Transaction Status


Important Note

Please use only Staging Credentials on each API Reference page to test the APIs directly from our Documentation.

API Endpoints

This API can be used by you to check the money transfer transactions that were initiated/completed by your customers.

Two main parameters are required -

  • reference_id ((mandatory if decentro_txn_id is not present) The request ID passed by you for this transaction when initiating it earlier.)
  • decentro_txn_id ((mandatory if reference_id is not present) The decentro transaction id that we responded with while providing the initiate payment response.)

API specifications

Response Payload

Response ParameterMandatory (M) / Optional (O) / Conditional Mandatory (CM)Description
decentroTxnIdMA URN generated by Decentro against the Get Transaction Status API request initiated. This parameter is recommended for mapping and tracking purposes.
originalTxnIdMThe URN generated by Decentro against the Initiate Payout API initiated
originalDecentroTxnIdMA URN generated by Decentro against the Get Transaction Status API request. While available, it is recommended to prioritize decentroTxnId for mapping transactions
statusMSuccess,Pending and Failure will be populated in this parameter
bankReferenceNumberCMBank Reference Number will be populated. It will be populated for ‘success’,’failure’ and ‘pending’. For some cases, it will not be populated for ‘pending’
messageCMA message will be propagated by Decentro regarding the status of the transaction
providerResponseCMThe message propagated by provider regarding the status of the transaction
transferTypeMUPI,IMPS,NEFT and RTGS will be propagated
beneficiaryNameCMThe Beneficiary account holder’s name will be propagated here. This will be propagated only for ‘Success’
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