ENACH Registration Callback

This callback is triggered by Decentro to the platform when a mandate is registered successfully.


Decentro triggers this callback to a pre-configured endpoint of the platform after the payer has authorized the mandate registration. The callback is triggered after the payer authorizes the mandate request on NPCI's page, which is generated from Registration API.

If the payer drops off, Decentro doesn't trigger this callback.


Below is the flow for this callback.

  • The payer is redirected from the link passed in the Registration API.
  • Decentro propagates the Decentro transaction ID as part of the response payload.
  • After the payer has authorized the request, Decentro triggers this callback and redirects the payer to the platform's page.
  • The platform acknowledges the callback by passing CB_S00000 from its end.
  • The platform can reconcile the registration status using this callback'sdecentro_txn_idparameter.
  • Alternatively, the platform can check the status using the Registration Status API.

API Endpoints

Staging / Sandboxhttps://your.custom.endpoint.com
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