Mandate Registration

API Endpoints

This API helps to enable a path (pageLink) so that your consumer can register a recurring payment with Debit Card or Netbanking as a mode of payment.

category_code list: Decentro code to be entered in the request based on your use case and category.

NPCI CodeDecentro CodeDescription
A001APIAPI mandate
C001B2BB2B Corporate
B001CREDBill Payment Credit card
D001MANDDestination Bank Mandate
E001EDUEducation fees
I001PREMInsurance Premium
I002PAYMInsurance other payment
L002LONSLoan amount security
L001LONPLoan instalment payment
MFM001Mutual Fund Payment
F001SUBSubscription Fees
T001TAXTax Payment
U001ELECUtility Bill Payment Electricity
U003GASUtility Bill payment Gas Supply Cos
U005TELEUtility Bill payment mobile telephone broadband
WATWATUtility Bill payment water
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