ENACH Mandate Registration

This API allows the platform to initiate a mandate registration using Decentro's ENACH stack.


This API allows the platform to initiate an ENACH-based registration request. The payer can then authorize the request using one of the supported modes.

  • Debit Card
  • Netbanking


Below is the flow for using this API.

  • The platform can check if the bank is supported using the Supported Banks API.
  • The platform captures the mandate details like amount, frequency, timeframe, etc.
  • The platform initiates a registration request by hitting the endpoints with the mandate details.
  • Decentro validates if the destination bank supports the authorization mode (Debit Card/Netbanking).
  • The platform receives a shortened link from Decentro if the request is successful.
  • The platform renders the link on their asset (app/website), which is redirected to the NPCI page.
  • The payer authorizes the request using the relevant details
    • Debit card-related details if authorization is Debit Card
    • Netbanking login and OTP (in some cases) if authorization is Netbanking
  • Decentro triggers the registration status callback once the authorization is complete with the status to a pre-configured endpoint.
  • Decentro also redirects the payer to the platform's page basis the redirection URL provided at the time of onboarding.
  • The platform can alternatively check the registration status using the Mandate Registration Status API by passing the Decentro transaction ID received from this API response.

API Endpoints

Below are the API endpoints to be used by the platform basis the environments.

Request Parameters


Below are the frequencies accepted by Decentro under the 'frequency' parameter in the request payload.

  • Adhoc
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Yearly
  • Bi-Monthly

Amount Rule

Below are the values Decentro accepts under the 'amount_rule' parameter in the request payload.

  • Fixed
  • Max

Authentication Mode

Below are the values Decentro accepts under the 'authentication_mode' parameter in the request payload.

  • Debit Card
  • Netbanking

Start & End Date

Below are the validations on the date parameters in the request payload.

  • Start date: needs to be a current date or a date in the future
  • End date: needs to be at least 1 day after the start date and can extend up to 40 years

Category Codes

Below are the purpose codes the platform will pass in the category_code parameter in the request payload.

NPCI CodeDecentro CodeDescription
A001APIAPI mandate
C001B2BB2B Corporate
B001CREDBill Payment Credit card
D001MANDDestination Bank Mandate
E001EDUEducation fees
I001PREMInsurance Premium
I002PAYMInsurance other payment
L002LONSLoan amount security
L001LONPLoan installment payment
M001MFMutual Fund Payment
F001SUBSubscription Fees
T001TAXTax Payment
U001ELECUtility Bill Payment Electricity
U003GASUtility Bill payment Gas Supply Cos
U005TELEUtility Bill payment mobile telephone broadband
WATWATUtility Bill payment water
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