Employer Domain Verification w/o OTP


Important Note

Please use only Staging Credentials on each API Reference page to test the APIs directly from our Documentation.

API Endpoints


Response Parameters

decentroTxnIdUnique identifier for the transactionString
statusStatus of the verification processString
responseCodeResponse code indicating the result of the verificationString
messageMessage providing additional information about the verification processString
dataAn object containing detailed information about the email address and associated accountObject
data.isDisposableIndicates whether the email address is disposable (temporary) or notBoolean
data.domainAgeIndicates the age of the domainString
data.domainRegistrationDateIndicates the date of the registration of the email domain in YYYY-MM-DD formatString
data.companyDetailsObject containing details about the company associated with the email addressObject
data.companyDetails.* (various keys under companyDetails)Various details about the company such as registration information, address, and financial detailsString
data.accountAn object containing information about the associated accountObject
data.account.usernameUsername associated with the accountString
data.account.isGibberishIndicates whether the username appears to be random or nonsensicalBoolean
responseKeyKey indicating the type of responseString
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