ENACH Supported Banks

This API allows the platform to check if a bank is supported on the ENACH stack.


Important Note

Please use only Staging Credentials on each API Reference page to test the APIs directly from our Documentation.


This API lets a platform check if the ENACH authentication modes support a specific bank before executing the registration flow.

It is recommended that the platform use this API to check if ENACH supports a bank to avoid a poor experience with the registration flow.


Below is the flow for using this API.

  • The platform collects the bank where the payer holds a bank account.
  • The platform uses the bank code to hit the endpoint to check the status.
  • Decentro responds with the authorization modes supported by the bank.
  • If the bank doesn't support any mode, the same is relayed to the platform as well
  • If the bank is supported, the platform can use the Registration API to initiate the registration flow

Response Parameters

Below are the parameters propagated by Decentro in the response.

decentroTxnIdA unique transaction ID from Decentro for the API hit
statusStatus of the API hit
responseCodeAPI status response code
messageAPI status message.
debitCardA boolean value if the bank supports Debit Card based registration flow
netBankingA boolean value if the bank supports Netbanking based registration flow

API Endpoints

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