Get Loan Status


Important Note

Please use only Staging Credentials on each API Reference page to test the APIs directly from our Documentation.

API Endpoints


Note - Simulation Data

Name: John Doe
Pan: AAAAA1234A
Any number: success KYC/agreement flow

Below Number to be Used for Specific Scenarios

9898989891 - Success facility confirmation
9898989810 - KYC failure
9898989811 - Liveliness failure
9898989812 - Agreement generation failed due to credit line not being approved

The following table contains all the parameters you might get in the response body, along with a description indicating their meaning.

Response ParameterDescription
decentroTxnIdA unique ID given to this API transaction by Decentro
statusThe status of the response
responseCodeA short response code (Please Note: Response codes are deprecated and will eventually be phased out from our response bodies. If you are using them currently, please migrate your logic to the responseKey parameter instead.)
dataThe object containing the response data
data.eligibilityCheckReferenceIdThe reference ID passed by the customer in the loan application API
data.eligibilityCheckTransactionUrnThe transaction URN received in the loan application API
data.consumerThe object representing the consumer of the loan
data.consumer.nameThe name of the loan applicant
data.consumer.mobileThe mobile number of the loan applicant
data.consumer.kycStatusThe KYC status of the loan applicant
data.facilityThe object representing the facility selected by the consumer if the facility has already been confirmed
data.facility.urnThe URN of the facility selected by the consumer
data.facility.amountThe amount provided by the facility
data.facility.emiThe EMI count determined by the facility
data.stageThe current stage of the loan application
data.statusThe current status of the loan application
data.creationTimestampThe timestamp when the loan application was created
data.lastModificationTimestampThe timestamp when the loan application's stage was last modified
responseKeyA response key denoting the category of the response
messageA message sent to provide more context in case of an error
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