Penny Pull/Reverse Penny Drop

This page gives you an overview of Decentro's penny pull related APIs.

Decentro's penny pull (reverse penny drop) capability broadly encompasses the below APIs.

  • Create Intent: This API allows the platform to create a penny-pull payment link where the payer can pay using any UPI app on their mobile device.
  • Transaction status callback: This callback allows the platform to receive the status of a penny pull transaction on a pre-configured endpoint.
  • Get Transaction Status: This API allows the platform to fetch the status of a penny pull-based transaction by passing the Decentro ID received while creating a penny pull intent.



Rs. 1 will be refunded back to the same bank account within T+2 days. Please note that some banks might not send an SMS for the Rs. 1 transaction. Hence, please verify the refund by checking the account statement.