Set Channel Preferences

This API allows the platform to block/unblock and set daily limit on spending channels of transaction against a wallet.

This API allows setting the preferences and limits of the spending channels for the wallet associated with the specified mobile.

The platform can use this API to manage one or multiple transaction channels. Decentro, for now, supports the below channels.

  • ECOM: Online transactions using the card details of the virtual or physical card
  • POS: Offline transactions using the physical card
  • CONTACTLESS: Contactless offline transactions using a physical card
  • ATM: Offline transactions using a physical card for ATM withdrawals. This channel can only be enabled for Full KYC wallets

Limits: Value parameter allows platforms to set daily limits for every spending channel.

Note: For Min KYC wallets, ATM channel can't be enabled and the maximum daily limit for any spending channel is 10,000

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