This API helps you link a current account on your platform

Link an existing business account.

Note: “Please note that Your ‘user_id’ in the request parameters should have admin privileges at the time of setting it up else the linking will not go through. You can mention the same to your account owner/customer at the time of getting the user_id created during the bank correspondent’s visit.”

Below are the values expected under the responseKey parameter and the scenarios under which Decentro will propagate the same to the platform.

responseKey ValueScenario
success_account_linkedThe said account is successfully linked
error_account_linkedThe said account is already linked
error_invalid_account_detailsThe credentials passed for the account are invalid as per the underlying provider
error_customer_registered_with_different_mobileThe mobile number used is registered against another account in the system
error_customer_registered_with_different_customer_idThe customer ID used is registered against another account in the system
error_approval_pendingThe said account's linkage approval is pending
error_invalid_user_accessThe user doesn't have the right to approve the linkage
error_unauthorized_featureThe said feature is not enabled for the company
error_unsupported_valueUnsupported or Invalid value passed for a parameter
error_invalid_data_typeUnsupported or Invalid data type passed for a parameter
error_null_or_empty_valueA null or empty value passed for a parameter
error_invalid_mobileAn invalid mobile number is passed
error_invalid_emailAn invalid email ID is passed
error_null_or_empty_provider_paramsProvider-specific parameters are not correctly passed
error_invalid_panAn invalid PAN number is passed
error_invalid_account_number_lengthThe length of the account number doesn't meet the provider's criteria
error_internal_server_errorError due to something at Decentros' end
error_provider_errorError from the provider if nothing specific is mentioned
error_missing_configurationError due to pending configuration
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