Unlink an existing business account.

Below are the values expected under the responseKey parameter and the scenarios under which Decentro will propagate the same to the platform.

responseKey ValueScenario
error_invalid_account_detailsThe details passed for the account are not valid or linked through Decentro
error_approval_pendingThe said account is not yet linked due to an approval request pending
error_unsanitized_valuesThe said request contains values which are not supported
error_provider_errorError from the provider if nothing specific is mentioned
success_account_unlinkedThe said account is successfully unlinked by Decentro for the platform
error_unauthorized_moduleThe said module is not available for the platform to access the APIs
error_unauthorized_featureThe said feature is not available for the platform for the provider
error_account_not_linkedThe said account is not linked with Decentro and hence unlinking is not possible
error_null_or_empty_valueThe said request doesn't have an account number or the field is passed as a null value
error_account_not_foundThe said combination of mobile number and account number is not found
error_invalid_mobileThe passed mobile number is invalid in terms of length or format
error_missing_configurationError due to pending configuration
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