Direct Payouts

This module can be used to facilitate payouts to individuals or businesses using standard modes.

Decentro provides the capability to pay to bank accounts of customers, individuals, or businesses using any of the supporting modes of transfers.

The platform is expected to Add a Beneficiary to use the Nodal account for payouts. If this is not done, the transfer is rejected. Note: This is as per RBI guidelines.

The platform can Add a Beneficiary to use any other account but is recommended that transfers to the same customer can be done repeatedly without hassles.

Decentro recommends the platform Validate bank accounts before transacting to ensure the recipient is as per records.


Add Beneficiaries

This API can be used to add registered beneficiaries against each virtual account to add, update, or delete them.

Link to Add Beneficiary

Manage Beneficiaries

Add / Update / Disable any beneficiary for sending money from the virtual account (on top of the underlying physical bank account)

Link to Manage Beneficiaries

Once a beneficiary is added, the platform can use the beneficiary code to keep doing the payouts as required.


Settlement is a bank account that will be mapped against a virtual account to which Decentro will auto-settle funds from its account if not settled by the platform on a pre-agreed basis. Please connect with us at [email protected] to have the settlement logic configured.

With this API, you can Add / Deactivate / Reactivate settlement accounts for sending money from the virtual accounts.

The settlement account needs to be an actual bank account and cannot be a virtual account or another nodal account.

Unlike payouts, Settlement is managed by Decentro completely.

Link to Settlement Account

Validate Bank Account

This API allows you to automatically validate a bank account by doing a penny drop (small deposit) transaction. This is a sync API and Decentro returns the response of the account immediately.

Decentro recommends using this API before initiating a payout to a beneficiary.

Link to Validate Bank Account

Validate bank account scenarios can be simulated basis the test data here

Note: Decentro provides a sandbox for testing all the scenarios.

Initiate Payout

This API allows you to facilitate money transfers to/from your customers' linked virtual bank accounts from within your application.

Decentro provides the below type of transfers.

  • Virtual account to Virtual account
  • Virtual account to actual bank account
  • Virtual account to UPI handle

Decentro supports the below modes of transfers.

  • NEFT
  • RTGS
  • IMPS
  • UPI

IMPS and UPI are instant settlements to the beneficiary account. NEFT typically takes 2 hours for settlement while RTGS takes 3 hours for settlement.

Link to Initiate Payout

Transaction Limits

Please note the below transaction limits as prescribed by RBI.

Transfer TypeTransaction Limit
IMPSAmount <= INR 5L per transaction
NEFTAmount <= INR 10L per transaction (Non-Banking Hours), Amount <= INR 1Cr per transaction (Banking Hours)
RTGSAmount > INR 2L per transaction, Amount <= INR 5cr (Banking Hours)
UPIAmount <= 1L per transaction subject to consumer's bank policies and applicable across transactions coming from UPI apps, Bank apps, and through Virtual accounts.

Get Transaction Status

This API can be used by you to check the outgoing transactions that were initiated by your customers.

Two main parameters are required -

  • reference_id ((mandatory if decentro_txn_id is not present) The request ID passed by you for this transaction when initiating it earlier.)
  • decentro_txn_id ((mandatory if reference_id is not present) The decentro transaction id that we responded with while providing the initiate payment response.)

Link to Get Transaction Status