Face Match

API Endpoints


Please export Postman Collection to test this API

Note: This API cannot be tested here as file upload is not supported in this interface. Please export the Postman Collection to try the API.


FaceMatch Response Keys

Here are the Response Keys and the scenarios under which Decentro will propagate the same to the platform - Response Keys

There are 3 ways to verify the images -

  • Upload both images from the local device.
  • Provide URL to both the images.
  • Go hybrid, upload the first image, and then provide the URL to the second image or vice versa.

Threshold - The confidence at which you want to verify the identity. The minimum threshold by default is 0.7. It can be modified to a max threshold of 0.95.

Image Size - The maximum size limit of image upload and URL is 6MB

Refer here for Face Match Documentation

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