Callback Configuration

This feature allows our customers to manage Callbacks from the Dashboard

Dashboard Endpoints


Important Note

  • The callbacks feature is available on both environments of Decentro Dashboard - Staging and Production
  • Customers can manage the callbacks from Decentro Dashboard

How to manage callbacks

  • Log in to the Dashboard
  • Navigate to Manage Account -> Callback Configuration
  • All Callbacks configured for the customer will be visible here
  • Click on Edit callback to update an existing callback
  • To add a new callback, click on the Add New Callback CTA on the top right
  • Enter the following details in the form to add a new callback -
    • Callback type
    • HTTP method
    • Header
    • URL
  • Click on the Submit button
  • A success message will be displayed

Callbacks Information

Column NameDescription
Company NameCustomer Registered Name
Method TypePOST, PUT, DELETE, etc. for each callback
URLCallback configuration URL
Callback TypeType of callback configured for the customer based on the Product Suite at Decentro