Advanced OCR HyperStream

Hyperstream seamlessly combines image pre-processing, document classification, and document text extraction to offer you an advanced OCR solution like never before.

Features and Capabilities

1. Easy Integration:

Seamlessly integrate Hyperstream into your applications, platforms, or workflows with a straightforward API request.

2. Comprehensive Document Recognition:

Hyperstream can identify the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Aadhaar
  • Driving License
  • PAN
  • Voter ID
  • A wide variety of Proof of Aadhaar (POA) from CKYC
  • EPAN retrieved from DigiLocker and CKYC

3. Image Pre-processing:

Improve the accuracy of OCR results with advanced image pre-processing techniques.

4. Document Classification:

Hyperstream automatically categorizes the recognized documents, making it easy to extract specific information.

5. Document Text Extraction:

Extract key information such as names, IDs, dates of birth, and more from recognized documents.

API Usage

To get started with Hyperstream, simply make a POST request with the following request body:

Sample Request & Response

    "reference_id": "DEC001",
    "consent": true,
    "consent_purpose": "To onboard user into the platform",
    "hyperstream": "ADVANCED_OCR",
    "initial_input": {
        "image": "<base_64>"
    "decentro_txn_id": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "http_status_code": 200,
    "response_key": "success_hyperstream",
    "data": {
        "ADVANCED_OCR": {
            "AADHAAR": {
                "ocr_status": true,
                "data": {
                    "id_type": "AADHAAR",
                    "id_number": "XXXXXXXX0240",
                    "full_name": "John Doe",
                    "father_name": "John Doe Sr.",
                    "gender": "MALE",
                    "dob": "05-12-1980",
                    "address": "456 Elm Street, Townsville",
                    "kyc_date": "20-06-2023",
                    "vid": "9876543210",
                    "son_of": "John Doe Sr.",
                    "husband_of": "Jane Doe",
    "message": "Successfully completed hyperstream",
    "reference_id": "XXXXXXXXXXXXX"