CKYC Services

Introducing CKYC Services – Your Gateway to Comprehensive KYC. Streamlined record retrieval, automated compliance checks, and hassle-free data uploads for a seamless KYC process.

CKYC Services is a comprehensive suite of APIs designed to streamline KYC processes for individuals and legal entities. Powered by Decentro's advanced technology stack, CKYC Services offers a seamless and efficient solution for financial institutions to verify customer identities and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Unlock the full potential of CKYC Services through four key functionalities:

🔍 CKYC Search:

CKYC Search API enables financial institutions to swiftly search through Central KYC Registry (CKYCR) records, accessing essential customer information with ease. By leveraging this feature, institutions can expedite customer onboarding processes, minimize duplication efforts, and enhance operational efficiency.

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📥 CKYC Download:

With CKYC Download API, institutions can effortlessly retrieve CKYC records for individual customers and legal entities. This streamlined process allows for quick access to verified customer data, facilitating risk assessment, and compliance checks. CKYC Download empowers institutions to make informed decisions while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Discover more about Decentro's CKYC Download capability here.

📤 CKYC Upload for Individuals:

Simplify the KYC onboarding process for individual customers with CKYC Upload API. This feature enables institutions to securely upload customer KYC data to the CKYCR, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records. By automating the data submission process, CKYC Upload for Individuals enhances efficiency and reduces manual errors, enabling institutions to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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🏢 CKYC Upload for Legal Entities:

Streamline KYC compliance for legal entities with CKYC Upload API. This feature facilitates the seamless submission of KYC data of corporate entities to the CKYCR. By automating the upload process, institutions can ensure compliance with regulatory requirements while expediting the onboarding of corporate customers.

CKYC Services revolutionizes KYC processes, offering a robust solution for financial institutions to efficiently manage customer data and compliance obligations. Embrace CKYC Services to optimize your KYC operations and drive growth in today's dynamic financial landscape.

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