Data Forensics

The Data Forensics group offers a suite of advanced tools designed to enhance data integrity and accuracy in identity verification processes. Powered by Decentro's advanced technology stack, these APIs provide financial institutions and other organizations with robust solutions for optimizing their data verification and fraud prevention efforts.

Explore the Key Functionalities of Data Forensics APIs:

πŸ” Regular Text Matching

Ensure data accuracy and consistency with the Regular Text Matching API. This powerful tool compares text strings against predefined patterns or reference data sets to identify similarities and discrepancies. Whether it's matching customer information against existing records or detecting anomalies in textual data, the Regular Text Matching API enhances data verification processes and mitigates the risk of errors.

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πŸ—£οΈ Phonetic Name Matching

Achieve accurate name matching across diverse data sources with the Phonetic Name Matching API. This innovative tool utilizes phonetic algorithms to match names based on their pronunciation, overcoming variations in spelling or transliteration. Whether it's verifying customer identities or reconciling data from different sources, the Phonetic Name Matching API ensures consistency and reliability in identity verification processes.

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🏠 Geolocation Matching

Streamline address verification processes and enhance data integrity with the Address Matching API. This API compares address data against standardized formats or reference databases to identify discrepancies and ensure accuracy. Whether it's verifying customer addresses for account opening or conducting KYC checks, the Address Matching API enhances data quality and reliability.

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