Simulation Data

This page gives an overview of using testbed data to simulate multiple scenarios from a collections stack perspective.


Decentro provides platform simulation data (dummy data) from an integration support perspective so that the platform can simulate all possible scenarios without undertaking real money transactions.

This requires the platform to use standard request payloads to handle scenarios for each API and scenario, as mentioned below.

Generate payment link API & Check Payment status API

Below is the test data that platforms can use to test out standard scenarios for Generate payment link. The platform is expected to pass as-is parameters to get the intended scenario.


Note - Simulation Data

To test Simulation Staging data for Generate payment link API & Get transaction status API, please use the following API Endpoint -


  1. Generate a payment link with the 'amount' parameter as either 10, 20, or 30, depending on the test case being observed.
  2. Obtain the generated link in the response.
  3. Use the decentro_txn_id from the response and pass in Check Payment Statusto fetch the transaction's terminal status.
  4. You'll receive the terminal status depending on the Amount passed in Step 1.
  5. To test the scenario where the payment link expires, include the necessary time value in the expiry_time field when generating the link. Once the expiry time window has passed, repeat step 3 to receive the terminal status as EXPIRED.
  6. Please refer to the table below for Amount v/s transaction status test cases in staging simulation.
  7. Step 4 will take some time in the production environment until the end user enters the UPI pin and makes the payment. Until then, the transaction's status will be PENDING.
AmountTransaction StatusTest case
10SuccessPayment link is created & Transaction status is Success
20FailurePayment link is created & Transaction status is Failed
30PendingPayment link is created & Transaction status is Pending