Workflows is a customized and extensible workflow engine. It leverages Decentro's suite of products, including Farsight, Identities, and Bytes, to provide financial institutions with a powerful tool for optimizing their KYC and onboarding processes.

The Workflows module within your platform empowers you to streamline complex, multi-step data acquisition and document retrieval processes through two powerful functionalities: Hyperstreams and UIStreams.

πŸ’» Hyperstreams:

Hyperstreams are sequences of interconnected APIs meticulously designed to fetch data from diverse sources, encompassing internal databases, external APIs, and government repositories like DigiLocker. This sequential execution eliminates the need for manual data gathering and stitching, automating complex workflows and enhancing efficiency.

Read more about Decentro's Hyperstreams capability here.

πŸ“² UIStreams

UIStreams leverage the power of Hyperstreams to dynamically generate shape-shifting user interfaces.

These UIs guide users through tailored workflows, prompting them for necessary information while automatically fetching relevant documents from diverse sources like DigiLocker and other government repositories. Users can then seamlessly download these documents within the UI itself.

Read more about Decentro's UIStreams capability here.