Get Transaction Status

This page gives you an overview of the status check capability for Decentro's payouts stack.


Decentro's payouts stack lets a platform check the status of a payout using the Get Transaction Status API. This is over and above the transaction status and account balance callback triggered by Decentro to the platform's endpoints.


Decentro's status check API requires the one of the below parameters in the request.

  • reference_id : The request ID passed by the platform for this transaction when initiating it earlier.
  • decentro_txn_id : The Decentro transaction ID responded by Decentro while providing the initiate payment response.

This feature is also available on Decentro's dashboard at a transaction level under the 'Payouts' tab for any transaction that is in the 'Pending' state. If a platform wishes to not integrate this API, they can check the status using the dashboard directly.

Link to Get Transaction Status API