Overview & Guide

Hi, Welcome to Decentro! We’ll help you go through this documentation in order to understand who we are, what we offer and how you can scale your business by integrating with us. Stoked to have you onboard with us!

What is Decentro?

Decentro is a full-stack API banking platform that helps businesses launch financial products with ease. We consume complex APIs from various entities like Banks, Issuers, etc, to simplify the entire integration so that businesses can focus on scale and experience.

Decentro works with numerous regulated entities in the backend to ensure businesses can launch products quickly with multi-bank support in the backend. And this requires no additional business or technical effort from the business.

What Decentro can offer?

Decentro will help you build the same products you could create by partnering with a bank. However, with a super-fast and seamless integration process that takes only 2 weeks, compared to the 6 months long wait you'll otherwise have. Decentro provides plug-n-play APIs which do not break over time, come with simple documentation, and have built-in compliance checks.

As a result, your business can launch much faster and with a lesser cost of development. Once LIVE, you need not worry about upgrading your product every time a bank updates its API; we’ll take care of all future updates and iterations from time to time.