Bulk Payouts JSON

This page gives you an overivew of Decentro's bulk payouts capabilities.


Decentro offers a convenient method for transferring funds to multiple accounts simultaneously through the Batch Payout API. With this API, platforms can efficiently transfer funds to numerous bank accounts with just a single request, streamlining the process for users.

These Batch Payout capabilities build upon the existing functionality of the Initiate Payout API

Decentro provides the below type of transfers.

  • Actual bank account through IMPS, NEFT, RGS
  • Virtual account to UPI handle (individual or business) using UPI
  • Virtual account to Virtual account within our outside Decentro's ecosystem



The minimum input JSON that needs to be passed is 1 and the maximum input JSON to be passed is 12000


  • The platform loads funds to the wallet virtual account from a whitelisted account.
  • The platform can either add a beneficiary and proceed with a payout OR
  • The platform can initiate a payout by specifying the amount, type, and source account for each batch transfer required.
  • Decentro responds asynchronously upon the initiation of the batch payout. In the API response, a CSV is provided to view the individual request and response payloads of the Payout API calls.
  • Decentro triggers a transaction status callback to the endpoint in case of success/failure.
  • Decentro triggers an account balance callback to the endpoint in case of a successful payout.
  • The platform may opt to check the status of a transaction using the status check capability, which provides information on all payouts initiated in the batch.


To simulate the API and the transaction response available on batch payout, refer to the Initiate Payout API simulation data

Link to Batch Payout JSON API