Bulk Validate Bank Account

This module can be used to validate large number of accounts to individuals or businesses using standard modes.

Decentro provides a method to verify a large number of bank accounts by using Bulk Validate Bank Account. Decentro has built this API on top of our existing Validate Bank Account API. By making use of this Bulk Validate API, customers can now verify multiple bank accounts all at once, with just a single API request. This streamlines the process and makes it more efficient for users.

To use this API, customers must pass a .csv file to the API with the following details inside the input file


Bulk Validate Bank Account Input File Template

Here is a CSV Template to pass as the input file to the API. Customers can download this template

Input File

reference_idTextA unique reference ID created by the customer for every transaction
purpose_messageTextPurpose for the transaction
account_numberTextThe account number which needs to be validated
ifscTextThe IFSC code of the account which needs to be validated



All of the above parameters are mandatory. The minimum number of entries are 10(Excluding the column headers) and the maximum number of entries are 2000

After submitting the input file to the API, the API will first examine the file's columns to ensure they are valid. Once the columns are confirmed to be correct, the API will then begin the bulk validation process for the data contained in the file.

After the input file has been successfully processed and the bulk validation is completed, Decentro will send the output file to the customer's registered email address. This output file will contain the results of the bank account validation for the accounts listed in the input file.

The following details will appear in the output file

Output File

Reference ID The Unique reference ID passed by the customer for each transaction
Decentro Transaction IDUnique Reference ID generated by Decentro for each Transaction
Account NumberThe Beneficiary Account Number
IFSC CodeThe Beneficiary IFSC Code
Request StatusThis is the status of the validation request

Success: The request has been successfully accepted

Failure: There was a problem with the request. Please check the Error Reason column.
Penny Drop StatusThis is the status of the transaction for the beneficiary account number

Success: The transaction was successfully processed.

Failure: The transaction failed

Pending: The transaction is in pending state. Please check the status using Get Transaction Status API
Bank Account StatusThis is the status of the beneficiary bank account

Valid: The account is valid
Invalid: The account is invalid
Error ReasonIf there are any errors that occur during the bulk validation, please refer to this column on what was the error
Account Holder’s NameThe name of the beneficiary will be present here, the name will appear of the account is valid

Link to Bulk Validate Bank Account API