Testing Credentials

This section contains information related to Testing Environment (Staging) and how to test Decentro APIs.

What are Testing credentials?

These are credentials provided to each platform based on their requirements and the module they opt to test out. You can access the APIs of the respective modules that you're interested in and have a discussion with our business team.

With the credentials, you can test our APIs in the same way as your live credentials and check out how our APIs provide responses on a test environment called 'Staging'. These credentials are designed to work in this environment only and production credentials will be shared separately post closure of formalities.

How do I test the APIs?

While you are onboarded on the test environment ('Staging') by our team, you will receive the credentials for the modules you've chosen to go with. If you haven't got your testing credentials yet, you can get them by signing up here.

You'll get the below important credentials for each module that you choose -

client_idThis is a unique id assigned to each client
client_secretThis is a client-specific password/secret_key to access the account
module_secretThis is a module secret that is used to access certain APIs from a module.
provider_secret (In some modules)This is a provider secret that is used to access certain APIs from a module.

Please note that the credentials are unique to a platform and should not be shared within the organization without consent or with any external partners.


Postman API Collection

Decentro's APIs are best tested on Postman. You can export the API collection here.