Overview & Guide

This page gives you an overview of Decentro's payments stack spanning multiple capabilities.


Important Note

In order to use our Collection, Validate VPA, Payout, Validate Bank Account, UPI Mandates and eNACH APIs, please sign up on Staging by selecting Payment Collections in the Sign Up form


Decentro's payments module is designed to enable businesses to collect payments from anyone via multiple banking channels, such as Unified Payments Interface (UPI), and payout to your customers or beneficiaries like vendors, partners, employees, etc. or setup recurring payments using mandates.

This includes initiating a UPI collection request to a specific UPI app, validating a UPI ID (handle), and generating a payment link for UPI collections. It also includes a generic payment link that can be used to pay from any UPI app or specific UPI deep links for key UPI apps.

Payment Modules

Decentro broadly has the below capabilities from a payments standpoint.

  • Payouts: Facilitate payouts to individuals or businesses using any of the supported modes (NEFT/IMPS/RTGS/UPI)
  • Collections: Facilitate collections from your customers or business partners using virtual accounts or UPI on your account or Decentro's platform.
  • Mandates: Facilitate recurring collections from individuals or businesses using ENACH or UPI-based mandates.
  • User Verification: Facilitate seamless verification of users on your platform by validating their UPI handles or using penny drop to fetch their bank account details.
  • Validate Bank Account: Facilitate seamless bank account verification through penny drop or penniless verification before payout or collection flows kick in.

Use Cases

Decentro's payments stack can be used to power numerous use cases.

  • Payouts: Settle funds to your sellers frequently, reimburse your employees' expenses or refund your buyers using IMPS/NEFT/RTGS/UPI
  • Mandates: Collect repayments from your customers using mandates like ENACH or UPI auto-pay on specific days or intervals
  • Collections: Collect funds from your customers using UPI like collect requests or Payment links through SMS/Whatsapp for ad-hoc collections.

Decentro is an RBI Licensed Payment Aggregator and works with leading banks to facilitate collection use cases. Decentro works with leading banks like Yes Bank, Axis Bank, IDFC Bank, DBS Bank and many more across its payments stack.