Static IP Address Solution

Static IP Solution

Decentro APIs come with a pre-requisite of having valid static IP addresses when going live on Production. This might be challenging for clients who are using auto scaling, server less or similar infrastructure.

A suggested solution is to use forward proxy servers. We have used two such open source battle tested servers, Tinyproxy and Squid Proxy. The setup tutorials for these two servers are listed below

How to Setup Proxy in Postman?

Here we will guide you to configure Static IP in Postman -

  • First - Open Postman and you will see the below screen
  • Second - You can see a setting icon next to invite button. Click on the settings icon and you will see a screen similar to below image
  • Third - Click on Settings from the dropdown menu and you will see a popup screen similar to below image
  • Fourth - By default you will land on the General Tab of settings. Navigate to Proxy tab and you will see a screen similar to below image
  • Fifth - You will find Proxy configuration for sending requests and there will be a checkbox named Add a custom proxy configuration similar to below image. Check the box and add your IP there and you are ready to rock.