Whitelist Remitter Accounts

Decentro provides the ability to whitelist remitter accounts for the virtual accounts while loading funds for the virtual accounts.


The Manage Remitter API lets you control which accounts can send funds to your virtual accounts. You can add specific remitter accounts to the whitelist, allowing only those accounts to transfer funds. You have the option to ADD and DISABLE whitelisted remitter accounts, giving you the flexibility to manage your whitelist as needed.

How to whitelist remitter accounts?

To whitelist remitter accounts, follow these steps using the Manage Remitter API

1. Enable remitter whitelisting

You have an option to enable remitter whitelisting to be done across all your virtual accounts. You can enable this by reaching out to [email protected]

2. Add remitter accounts

You need to whitelist the remitter accounts against a virtual account.

  • You can add up to 5 remitter accounts in one API request
  • You can configure the maximum limit of remitter accounts that can be whitelisted for a virtual account. Please reach out to [email protected]
  • A remitter code will be generated for each remitter account configured

3. Disable remitter accounts

  • The remitter code is to be utilized to disable the whitelisting against a virtual account
  • The remitter code is to be passed in the API against the virtual account configured

Link to API reference of Manage Remitter



  • Please check the Account Number and IFSC code for both the Remitter account and Beneficiary Account before performing a transaction. The values must be the same as the configured values.
  • If the funds are not loaded in the virtual account even after whitelisting. Please contact [email protected] for further assistance.