Unleash the fastest possible GTMs by onboarding customers with UIStreams

UIStreams is a powerful platform that empowers users to seamlessly integrate custom UI-based workflows into their applications, offering an experience akin to using a software development kit (SDK) but in the convenient form of an API.

By initiating a session on UIStreams and specifying the task's name, the dynamic UI adapts itself based on the UIStream task provided in the request body.

Here is an overview of some key UIStream tasks and their respective descriptions:

UIStream TasksDescription
AADHAARThis UIStream will retrieve the Aadhaar document from multiple sources such as DigiLocker, UIDAI, or CKYC and send the document BASE64 in the callback URL.
DIGILOCKERThe DIGILOCKER UIStream streamlines the entire DigiLocker workflow through a single API. This allows users to seamlessly interact with DigiLocker, a digital document storage and sharing service, using the UIStreams platform.
CAR_INSURANCE_POLICYThis UIStream is designed to fetch Car Insurance Policy documents. Notably, it possesses the capability to dynamically pull information from an issuer on DigiLocker, providing a flexible and on-the-fly approach to obtaining car insurance documentation.
VEHICLE_REGISTRATION_CERTIFICATEThe VEHICLE_REGISTRATION_CERTIFICATE UIStream is tailored for fetching Vehicle Registration Certificate documents. Similar to the CAR_INSURANCE_POLICY task, it allows for real-time retrieval from an issuer on DigiLocker, offering a streamlined process for obtaining vehicle registration information.

The following is an example of the request and response payloads required by UIStreams.

    "reference_id": "XXXXXXXX",
    "consent": true,
    "purpose": "A VALID PURPOSE MESSAGE",
    "uistream": "DIGILOCKER",
    "callback_url": "XXXXXXXX",
    "redirect_url": "XXXXXXXX"
    "decentroTxnId": "XXXXXXXX",
    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "responseCode": "XXXXXX",
    "message": "UIStream Session URL generated successfully",
    "data": {
      "url": "XXXXXXXXXX"
    "responseKey": "success_uistream_session_generation"

In essence, UIStreams serves as a versatile tool, enabling developers to integrate specific UI-based functionalities seamlessly into their applications while ensuring a near-native user experience.

Whether retrieving Aadhaar documents, managing DigiLocker workflows, fetching car insurance policies, or obtaining vehicle registration certificates, UIStreams simplifies complex tasks through a user-friendly API interface.

Dynamic User Interfaces

UIStreams isn't simply a tool for building interfaces; it's a paradigm shift in the way applications interact with users and data.

UIStreams interfaces morph and adapt in real-time, guiding users through intricate workflows with personalized precision and effortlessly fetching documents from diverse sources.

UIStreams is a groundbreaking component within the Workflows module designed to revolutionize the very essence of user experience.

UIStreams Engine

As users navigate the intuitive interface, their actions trigger data retrieval from internal databases, external APIs, and trusted repositories like DigiLocker.

Based on the retrieved information, the UI dynamically adapts, presenting only relevant fields and options, streamlining the workflow and minimizing cognitive load.

Gone are the days of cluttered interfaces and generic experiences; UIStreams personalizes every interaction, ensuring a focused and efficient journey for each user.


  • Dynamic UI Morphing: Witness UI elements and data fields waltz across the screen in real time, tailoring the experience to the evolving context of the workflow. No more wading through irrelevant clutter; UIStreams presents a focused path, optimizing every step for user success.
  • Seamless Document Downloads: Documents retrieved from DigiLocker and other repositories become readily downloadable within the UI itself, eliminating the need for external navigation and enhancing convenience. Users can seamlessly integrate retrieved documents into their workflows, fostering a sense of effortless accomplishment.
  • Exquisite User Experiences: Intuitive interfaces, automated document retrieval, and dynamic guidance culminate in unparalleled user satisfaction. UIStreams fosters engagement and boosts adoption by transforming complex workflows into frictionless experiences.
  • Unifying Diverse Sources: UIStreams effortlessly bridges the gap between internal data, external APIs, and government repositories like DigiLocker, ensuring comprehensive data access and aggregation. Developers can leverage this unified landscape to craft workflows that encompass the full spectrum of information needed.

Pre-Configured Tasks

UIStreams comes pre-equipped with a range of task-specific functionalities, empowering developers to cater to diverse needs.

Let's delve into some key use cases that showcase the versatility of this revolutionary tool:

  • AADHAAR: Effortlessly retrieve Aadhaar documents from multiple sources (DigiLocker, UIDAI, CKYC) and deliver them in BASE64 format to the specified callback URL. Streamline Aadhaar-related processes with incredible efficiency, eliminating the need for manual document collection and verification.
  • DIGILOCKER: Unify the entire DigiLocker experience within a single API. Users can seamlessly interact with their stored documents, leveraging UIStreams as a secure gateway to this trusted repository. Imagine onboarding users, verifying documents, and retrieving critical information – all within the confines of your application.
  • CAR_INSURANCE_POLICY: Fetch Car Insurance Policy documents dynamically from issuers on DigiLocker in real time. Access essential insurance information instantly, eliminating tedious back-and-forth communication and delays. Streamline insurance verification processes and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • VEHICLE_REGISTRATION_CERTIFICATE: Simplify the process of obtaining vehicle registration details. UIStreams retrieves Vehicle Registration Certificate documents from issuers on DigiLocker in real-time, providing quick and easy access to crucial information. Imagine streamlining car purchase workflows, verifying vehicle ownership, and conducting due diligence – all with a few clicks.

Request & Response Details

Request Body:

    "reference_id": "XXXXXXXX",
    "consent": true,
    "purpose": "A VALID PURPOSE MESSAGE",
    "uistream": "DIGILOCKER", // Specify the desired task
    "callback_url": "XXXXXXXX", // URL to receive retrieved data
    "redirect_url": "XXXXXXXX", // Optional URL for post-workflow redirection
    "additional_data": {
      "mobile": "XXXXXXXXXXX",
      "name": "XXXXXXXXXX",
      "pan": "XXXXXXXXXX"

Callback Response Sample

  "initialDecentroTxnId": "XXXXXXXXXXX",
  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "message": "Data fetched successfully",
  "data": {
      // Data from the underlying modules used by the UIStream.
      // The shape of this data will remain exactly like the standalone
      // responses recieved in the individual APIs of the KYC stack.
  "response_key": "success_uistream_documents_fetch"

Response keys serve as the conductors, offering valuable insights:

Response KeyMessage
success_uistream_documents_fetchAll documents have been fetched successfully.
success_uistream_partial_documents_fetchSome documents have been fetched successfully.
error_uistream_session_terminationThe Digilocker session has been terminated.
error_uistream_initiate_sessionAn error occurred while trying to start the Digilocker session.
error_uistream_digilocker_data_fetchAn error occurred while trying to fetch Digilocker data.
error_uistream_digilocker_timeoutAn error occurred while trying to fetch file parameters
error_uistream_digilocker_file_paramsThe user has been stuck in the DigiLocker page for more than 300 seconds and has been timed out.