This set of APIs pertains to the creation and maintenance of a journal. A journal is a set of accounts (ledgers) that are created for standard uses. Each journal can have ledgers mapped to specific entities, be it customers, corporates or partners.

A journal can be created for a standard use case.

  • TDS: If you are a platform that needs to handle TDS calculations
  • Gains: If you are a trading platform that's calculating the gains of buying/selling
  • Loyalty: If you are a platform that's giving out loyalty coins or currency
  • Transactions: If you are a platform that's collecting funds or needs to pay out
  • Cashback: If you are a platform that's providing cashback against transactions

Decentro allows the below actions to be performed against a Journal.

  • Creation: Create journals as per your convenience and requirements
  • Update: Update a created journal to reflect updated information
  • Archive: Archive a created journal to avoid future transactions