Financial Services (Bytes)


Dashboard Endpoints

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This section mainly deals with two products that are a part of the Bytes stack, also known as Financial Services at Decentro -

  • Credit Report
  • Customer Data Pull

Data Table

Credit Report and Customer Data Pull page on the Dashboard allows customers to view the transactions of Credit Report API and Customer Data Pull API. The data table provides crucial information such as:

Decentro URNA unique transaction number assigned by Decentro
Response CodeA code assigned to the response based on the type of response received for the particular API request
Date-TimeThe timestamp of the API request
API StatusWhether the API request was a success or a failure
OCR StatusIf the customer selects to perform OCR on CKYC Download data, the OCR status will be shown in that case
Response MessageThe API response with respect to the request parameters passed
Customer Ref NoA reference number is assigned to each API request done by our customer

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