FAQs - Dashboard


1. What is a CAS Report?

  • CAS stands for Consolidated Account Statement. A master account statement which shows all the financial transactions being done by/from the customers

2. How much data can be downloaded in a CAS Report?

  • Customers can download a maximum of data for 180 days (approximately six months).

3. What is the output format for the CAS Report?

  • There are three formats -
    • CSV
    • XLSX
    • JSON

4. Can I download the CAS report for a specific Bank Provider?

  • Yes, customers can download the CAS Report for a specific Bank Provider. They need to select the Bank Provider for which CAS report has to be generated. Also, customers can download the CAS report for all providers.

Manage Account

1. Can I choose the option for 2FA for the Dashboard login?

  • Yes, the customers can choose whether they want to log in with an OTP-based 2FA on the Dashboard.

2. Where is the OTP sent for the OTP-based 2FA login?

  • The OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number of the customer.

3. How to enable/disable 2FA log-in on the Dashboard?

  • Customers can follow the below steps to enable/disable 2FA -
    • Log in to the Dashboard.
    • Navigate to Manage Account -> Manage 2FA.
    • Toggle the 2FA status from disabled to enabled or vice versa.
    • The new 2FA status will apply on the next login to the Dashboard.


1. What callbacks will be visible on the Dashboard?

  • Customers can see all the callbacks for all the APIs configured for them.

2. Can I configure callbacks from the Dashboard?

  • Customers will be able to configure all kind of callbacks from the Dashboard soon. We are working on this.