Overview & Guide

Hi, it is great to see your interest in knowing more about our Customer Dashboard. Our Dashboard offers a bunch of capabilities and exposure to the transactions done by our customers for all the products offered by Decentro.

Our Dashboard has multiple sections once a user logs into the Dashboard. Below are the sections that will be visible to our customers after a successful log-in.

Dashboard Endpoints

Dashboard Sections

Below are the sections available on our Customer Dashboard, both on Staging and Production.

Payments (Flow)

  • Accounts
  • Payments
  • Recurring

Banking (Fabric)

  • KYC
  • Financial Services


  • Generate various reports

Manage Account

  • Manage 2FA
  • Configurations

Each section on the Dashboard is well-versed and packed with features that will be helpful for the customers. Please refer to each documentation page based on the section of the Dashboard.